Why do I need to register?

In short, you don’t. But we are currently requesting that all visitors who wish to contribute to our online community register with the site. Previously any one could post comments but had to enter a user-name and e-mail, this had to be done each time a comment was posted and also meant that we frequently had to moderate the comments due to spam.

Implementing a registration policy enables us to combat our spam problems and also save our users time that is wasted by repeatedly entering the same information to contribute to the community.

What information do I have to supply?

All we need from you is a valid e-mail address and a user-name. Your password will be sent to you via e-mail to confirm the e-mail account is a genuine human beings and not from an automated robot/spambot. Once you have received your e-mail containing your password you can log-in.

How do I change my password?

Once you have logged in for the first time you should be redirected to the home page. To change your password there should be a shortcut in the top right hand corner of the site that when hovered over/selected will display an option to ‘edit my profile’.

Select edit my profile and at the bottom of the page there will be a password box, use this to set your new password.Feel free to update your profile information to as much as you are comfortable with, only a user-name, e-mail and password is required though.

To navigate back to the site once you have finished updating your profile select the link in the top left hand corner of the screen that says “Cue and Brew Sports”

How is my information used?

We do not pass your information onto any third parties. The information provided is used only to log in to the site and to receive updates from “Cue and Brew Sports”.

By registering for the site you give permission for Cue and Brew to contact you regarding special offers, events and promotions run my “Cue and Brew Sports” and permission to contact you regarding website updates and service changes.

Still Have Questions?

Should you have any questions regarding any of our policies or how to use our services please contact our webmater at [email protected]