Throwing At the Best (With the Best!)

Not Just a Proud Pool venue.. Cue & Brew Love Their Darts (and the Darts Lovers Love Cue and Brew!).. Anyway, I say Darts but what I mean is DAAAAATTTSSSS!

When it comes to boards only the best will do… All of the Darts boards in the venue are manufactured by (non other than) ‘Harrows’! Blade 5 & othe Blade Technology boards.

Our dartboards have had the privilege of some of the largest names in darts throwing at them, including Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams, John Lowe, Wayne Mardle…… just to name a few……

As well as providing fantastic darts facilities, Daz, Emma and (of course) with the help of the Team have started a Mini Darts Shop behind the Bar!

Professional Darts Flights and Stems can be purchased at the same time as a lovely ice cold pint of lager!!

Havent heard about Harrows? You obviously don’t play DAAAAATS!!… Well then here you go.. have a butchers 😀

Superstars, Competitions and Tournaments!

As well as having the pleasure of hosting such darts superstars as Martin Wolfie Adams, Cue and Brew often host their own Darts competitions and Tournaments.. and with the tantalising offer of cash prizes it’s no wonder participants often travel down from all corners of the British Isles!

Why not pop in and have a pint, a chat with Daz and Find out when the next opportunity is to win some decent wonga!!

Excuse for a beautiful pint anyway 😉