Supreme Pool Tables!

Here at Cue and Brew we are proud not only of our fantastic ‘Supreme’ Pool tables, but the effort that our staff put in to ensure that all of our customers experience only the best facilities for 8 Ball Pool in Kidderminster (if not the Midlands)

TLC Is The Key!

Many hours each day are spent ensuring that each table is perfectly level and the cloth is Ironed… Yes you heard right! It’s not unusual to find a man using an iron in this establishment!

The gaffer may get his Mrs (Emma) to Iron his shirts at home but when at work Daz is often seen brandishing that item that many men rarely know exist to take care of his babies… The ‘Supreme’ League standard pool tables.

While the iron heats up Daz and his staff don’t waste their time, they usually break out the spirit level… not to bang an extension on the side or to block pave the entrance, but to make sure that the beautiful tables and their speed cloth are sitting perfectly level so his balls aren’t wondering about under the tense pressure of league games.

In between the action Daz and the staff break out the designated pool brush and give the tables the loving brushing that the best local players demand and expect of this premium pool venue (Without the premium beer prices though might I add!)

EDIT: As a web developer first and a pool lover second, I’ve been asked to point out that the tables aren’t actually levelled by ‘builders’ spirit levels for the final adjustment, but with skill using some kind of ball technique, and by eye, using skills passed on through generations 😉

Half A Dozen Green Beauties!

All those polished premium balls fly around on the tendered for green beauties, and it’s no wonder both the staff and customers love the facilities.

Cue and Brew are the proud owners of 6 professional ‘Supreme’ league pool tables, and just for those who don’t know who supreme are (and have a little spare time) Here’s a link to their site: